Viynl Fencing


PVC or vinyl fencing is typically is manufactured from polyvinyl chloride (PVC), a resin that when combined with chemical enhancements such as coloring, UV ray protection, impact resistors and other ingredients produce a fencing material that is extremely strong and resistant to sunlight and many other elements that other fencing materials, like wood, have a tough time standing up to over the course of it's lifetime.

Vinyl fences are available in many style variations, including privacy, picket and semi-privacy, and since vinyl fencing is custom fabricated on an order by order basis, each of these base styles has a basically infinite number of custom variations available.
Washington thumb 1
Vinyl privacy fencing lends complete and total security to your yard, and is practically impervious to the harsh South Florida elements. When you need privacy, security and safety choose this style of vinyl fence.
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Vinyl Privacy fencing with one foot of lattice at the top, allowing extra wind flow and visibility to the otherwise completely opaque privacy fencing. This particular style is required for use in several cities and municipalities..
Wide picket scalloptop 2
Traditional vinyl picket fencing is a more sturdy and resilient version of regular wood picket fencing. Available in a large variety of height variations, picket choices and picket spacing options.
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Vinyl shadowbox fencing improves upon it’s traditional wood counterpart in every way. This style allows for privacy when viewed straight on and visibility when viewed at an angle and is approved for use around pools with a raised middle rail.
Viynl fence
Stronger and More Flexible
Maybe the most convincing reason to choose vinyl over wood is its strength and flexibility. Some manufacturers claim that fence made from vinyl is up to five times stronger and four times more flexible than comparable wood fences. This makes it ideal for just about any application, including fencing for your yard, your pool, or keeping your livestock at bay. Whatever you need a fence for, vinyl does the trick.
Maintenance Free
Another big draw of vinyl fence is the fact that it’s virtually maintenance free. Because it is one color through and through it will never need to be painted, and scratches and scrapes will never be a problem. In fact, vinyl actually resists paint, making vinyl fence “graffiti resistant” since any unwanted paint jobs are easily scrubbed off. Finally, because it’s made of high-quality vinyl, the only cleaning your new fence will ever need is a yearly hosing off with soap and water.
More Bang For Your Buck
For all of the above reasons, vinyl is perhaps the best deal you’ll find when it comes to fencing materials. It may have a slightly higher initial cost, but the long-term savings in terms of repair, painting and other maintenance expenses means that over the course of its lifetime your vinyl fence will run about 1/3 of what other materials, such as wood, will cost you. Add to that the fact that quality vinyl fencing almost always comes with a lifetime guarantee and it’s clear why many people choose vinyl for their fencing needs.